Don Edgers

​the Author


Welcome to my website which chronicles 60 years of life as it was primarily on small  (1 ½ x 5-miles) Fox                  Island, Washington located in South Puget Sound within 50 miles from Seattle and within sight of the                        Tacoma Narrows Bridges. Because I grew up on the Island and have vivid memories and have                                  written of its heydays in the 1940's and 1950's, I am the unique position to spread tales of                                       life and the people on the Island.


                                               The 1940's are contained in An Island In Time: Growing up in the 1940's,                                                              published in 2002. 

                                                The 1950's are chronicled in An Island in Time: Coming of age in the 1950's,                                                      published in 2007. 

                                                My lifetime and journey as a teacher throughout the ages are contained in                                                           The Evolution of a Teacher, published in 2016.

                                                 Many photos and pictures are available for viewing by on the Books in the                                                      appropriate section.  (Images are protected by copyright, and may not be                                                        printed without my written permission.

                                          Before the An Island In Time books came about, several stories about Fox                                                 Island appeared in The Fox Island Times in the 1970's and 80's.

                                Read these stories by clicking on the “Stories” button.


                         The Island is home to a unique rock called a Claybaby. Click on the “Unique Rocks” in                              "Links" button to see examples and learn their story.

                                       Fox Island has its own website. Click on “Links” to access it.